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Lexi + Sam | Engaged | Towson Maryland photographer

Lexi and Sam booked dates with us before they were even engaged; It’s not to have some enthusaistic fans 🙂  I was mutually excited to work with them for a few reasons. Lexi is a photography-lover. So of course I love to shoot for someone who truly appreciates this art and gives me the freedom to be totally creative- the end product is just so much better and everyone is happier in the end when stipulations or boundaries aren’t made. Just let the artists do their thing.  We love working with people who love photography, and don’t  just hire us because they need a wedding photographer to check it off their list. We have known Lexi for a while through other clients of ours that have gotten married over the past couple of years, but since then, she has actually assisted us on a couple of shoots or tagged along for the fun of it. Anyways, engagement sessions tend to generally take place outdoors but being the middle of a cold winter up in here in Maryland… I was a little worried when they asked to shoot in February. But of course, Lexi had a plan for this shoot and provided a great framework for me to play around with, which also kept us out of the cold for part of the time. However, we were lucky enough to catch some snow, which is always fun.  It was hard to stop shooting because I had so many ideas- this could have easily gone on for hours more 🙂



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