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Feis & Jason | Married | 3.17.13 | Coral Gables, FL | Photographer

True love is hard to find, but when you do, it lights up the room.  Say hello to Feis & Jason.  I first met this charming couple last year for their engagement session, which by the way was at 5:30am on the beach. The wind was blowing and my mind was just starting to boot up.  🙂  Everything was perfect- the weather, the clouds, the sunrise…so picturesque.  As we went through their session we talked about the first time the two of them met; it blew my mind.   Here’s about how it went: Jason meets stunning girl (Feis) who only speaks Spanish.  Jason doesn’t really speak Spanish.  They go on their first date, can’t talk to each other, but have the best time. Jason spends the next year learning and becoming fluent in Spanish.  All for the woman that would soon be his wife.  If that’s not commitment, I don’t know what is.  Then came time for their wedding.  Everything was so chic and elegant topped off with the ultimate party of their lives.  The connection you see between them is truly magical.  Congratulations guys!




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