Santa Monica Pier Photos | Ben and Erin Ayres Family

A family shoot on at the Santa Monica Pier? Why not?!

Ben and Erin aren’t actually from LA. They’re from Toronto. Go Leafs! But they were in town for Ben to film something, which often happens. This explains their season passes to Pacific Park in Santa Monica, CA. They absolutely love LA, so Ben makes sure to always bring the whole family to enjoy sunny beaches and perfect atmosphere. Anyways, Ben wanted to surprise Erin for her birthday and so he gave me a call. We got the planning sorted out and decided on Santa Monica Pier photos.

Ben’s a really cool dude and Erins rocks. They have a 6 year old and 3 year old together and they were a blast to hang with. Given the fact that I consider this my home and my own family is nearby–these photos were really near and dear to me, I love this place. I also love my DJI Mavic Air Drone (which I lost recently…smh), and took some awesome shots with them at the beach. Take a look below and see the beauty I saw in this family! And if you’re up for it, come visit me out here. We can take some photos for your family then!

Remember—at C&I Photographers—we’re a team of photo buds committed to authentically telling your story through capturing moments. While based in LA, Fort Lauderdale, and the DC metro area, we service basically anywhere a plane/horse/motorcycle will take us. We know you’ll enjoy those captured moments for the rest of your life and that they have value well beyond what you pay for them. We are story-tellers in the end. We know our style isn’t for everybody, but if you’re intrigued, shoot us an email or give us a ring. We would love to meet you!



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