We are a team of photo buds who love capturing moments. Based in LA, Fort Lauderdale, and the DMV. We service basically anywhere a plane/horse will take us. We thought about what to write here for a while and eventually decided that we really didn’t want to get too corny, too wordy, and bore you to death. We figured why not let our work speak for itself.  The term “photojournalist” gets tossed around a lot lately when it comes to wedding photography and cinematography. It seems to be the hot phrase to use.  So rather than label ourselves, we just came up with a short list that will hopefully just give you a little insight as to who we are since…lets face facts…we’re going to be around a lot on your wedding day and we couldn’t be more excited about it ? . We know you’ll enjoy the images and motion we capture  for the rest of your life and that they have value well beyond what you pay for them. We are story-tellers in the end. Our style isn’t for everybody, but if you are intrigued, shoot us an email, give us a ring. We would love to meet you ?

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So without further adieu:


Apple Computers…any Apple products really
Hiking in the Woods
Road Trips
Really Good Food
Finding New Amazing Restaurants
DIY Weddings that are unique and personal to the bride and groom
Energy drinks
Smiley Faces in Emails (you’ll notice a lot of these)
Couples who are excited about life!
Climbing Trees (if we ask your groom to do this…we apologize in advance)
8-Bit Video Games
Relaxing at home with our families and watching movies
fast vehicles
The Beach


PC Computers (if you have one, we’re sorry)
Grooms Who Don’t Laugh or Have Fun
Ending Spoilers
The Prom Pose…and The Adam pose for that matter
Food that looks good but tastes gross
Getting stung by bee’s
Freezer burnt ice cream
Old candy
Watered down soda
Stepping on legos without shoes on
Being Unadventurous?
Black and White Images with Spot Coloring (what year is this?)
Images that are tilted to look “creative”
Shot-Lists (you want your wedding to be unique, trust us ?
Family Stick-Figure Bumper Stickers?
Stepping on Slugs in Bare Feet at Night


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